The Fresh Acts Music Awards is projected to be an annual swanky event which memory will stick around in the mind of guests and all participants for a long time. Especially as it remains a savoury effort targeted at rewarding excellence and creativity.

Fresh Acts Music Awards

  • Rewarding Artistic Ingenuity
  • Get ready for a Revolution
  • Credibility is our watchword
  • Only the best gets the crest
  • It’s all about Music
  • Brace yourself


The concept of the Fresh Acts Music Awards is borne out of the desire to celebrate young Nigerian artistes who have contributed immensely towards the growth of the Nigerian Music Industry and also to showcase hidden talents.

It is no news that our music industry is evolving and at present tops in the African continent with scores of young, energetic and dynamics artistes, who are springing up daily with fantastic music. Gone are the days when you attend a party in Nigeria and all you listen to is foreign music, now a DJ can play in for 48 hours without spinning any foreign song. This underscores the fact that our music industry is growing because of the efforts these artistes put into their works to produce good music.

As the industry continues to grow, a lot of Nigerian artistes are being recognized not just locally but also internationally, a typical example is the Afro beat maestro Femi Kuti, who has been nominated more than once for the ‘The Grammies Awards’; world biggest music award. Likewise, most Nigerian Acts also have in their archives plaques from the likes of ‘BET Awards’, ‘MTV MAMA Awards’, ‘Headies Awards’, ‘NEA Awards’ amongst other special recognitions. It is therefore worrisome that these awards are specially designed for the very popular faces and internationally recognized arts, leaving one or two categories for the numerous young and upcoming acts to slog it out.

However, no platform has yet been created to support and celebrate budding talents who are working so hard and have good songs to show for it; in terms of messages, lyrics, melodies and even swags. This loophole is what FAM Awards is created to fill. We hope to recognize and celebrate fresh acts through the awards for their contribution towards the growing Nigerian Music Industry.

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